freedom from frizz!™

Natural Frizz/Hair Manageability Treatment

Breakthrough Hydrofobic Technology™ eliminates and disables the cause and origin of humidity-reactive frizz making your hair ‘weather proof’.

Only available at professional hairdressing salons


fobi treated & blown dry

  • Key Benefits

    • Chemical-free
    • Non-straightening & non-damaging
    • Does not alter the hair’s natural curl or wave pattern
    • Safe & beneficial for all hair types
    • No heat activation required
    • Does not wash or wear off
    • Leaves hair manageable all day long
    • Average of 90 minutes from start to glistening finish

    Client Initial Comments:

    • I can run my fingers through my hair with no tangles
    • I still have my curls and my volume is the same, WOW
    • My hair feels soft not rough
    • My hair dries in about half the time

    Comments 7 Weeks Later:

    • No more manageability, frizz issues
    • I can go curly or style however I desire
    • My hair is ‘weatherproof’
    • My style looks the same at night as it did in the morning


    fobi treated & air dried

  • "After having the fobi treatment done on my hair I have noticed a remarkable change. My hair was very coarse, frizzy and unruly. Now my hair feels much softer, almost fine.

    I have been very happy with the outcome and I will definitely recommend fobi to everyone I know with frizzy hair. I love it!"


    "After fobi, I blew my hair dry, used my styling aids just like I would any other morning for work and immediately noticed the effortless frizz-free style!

    Loved the manageability!"


    "The fobi treatment has made my hair so shiny, easy to manage with lots of body and no more frizz!

    I can wash it, blow dry it with a round brush and it stays curled and beautiful all day long. I highly recommend this product for anyone with frizzy hair of any type. You will love it!"


    3 Simple Steps

    100% natural - no gloves needed.

    1 frizzOUT™

    Apply to clean (shampoo only, no conditioner) dry hair. Application time 15-20 minutes. HAIR MUST BE FULLY SATURATED. Timing after application:

    Wavy/Curly Hair



    Coiled Hair



    Do not exceed 35 minutes or it will reverse the effect.

    Shampoo, rinse, towel dry.

    2 bodyIN™

    Generously apply to towel dried hair, cover with plastic wrap or baggie and leave on 15 minutes. Heat Optional.

    Rinse and towel dry.

    3 glisten

    Apply desired amount to damp/towel dried hair and style.

    How it Works

    fobi™ naturally converts hydrophilic (moisture-seeking) hair to a hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) internally conditioned state. fobi™ quenches hair’s insatiable thirst for moisture by targeting, correcting and replacing the problem causing ‘vacant ‘H’ bond’ deep within the shaft – eliminating and disabling the cause and origin of humidity-reactive, unmanageable frizz in hair.

    Hair no longer has the ability or desire to generate frizz! Once corrected, fobi™ deeply infuses proprietary Hydrofobic Conditioning™ blend of essential fatty and amino acids to provide optimally balanced and internally sustainable moisture for dramatically enhanced body, bounce, strength, shine and elasticity.

    fobi™ has invented the world’s only Professional Salon Technology that allows a client to keep and love their curl while eliminating manageability frustration for the life of the treated hair.

    After the fobi™ treatment, hair is left incredibly rejuvenated and tamed with exceptionally vibrant bounce, body and shine. Never damaging, fobi™ is safe and beneficial for all hair types.

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